Is it worth buying XL Printer cartridges?

The never-ending debate with ‘XL cartridges’

A common question in the minds of every printer user, there has been a constant debate going on since ages related to the usage of XL cartridges. With rising ink prices, more and more people are confused as to if they should or shouldn’t invest in these cartridges.

Hence, to help clear out this notion, we have hand listed some of the top points that will aid you in understanding how these work and what to expect from them.

What are the pros of using XL cartridges?

Lesser expense and greater savings

Similar to its name, all XL cartridges come bearing more ink as compared to their standard models, meaning lesser expenses. Although the overall ink content may either be 50 percent or 250 percent more, depending upon the manufacturing brand, they surely are much preferable. The difference in ink measurement standards depends upon the parent company and has no effect on the ink’s quality. Hence, purchasing XL ones over regular models is a deal that can save you huge funds.

For best results, it is highly advised to go through the specifications of these printer inks, as the content weight is generally mentioned on its packaging.

No need for regular refilling

Another reason behind the rapid inclination towards XL cartridges includes their minimal refilling or changing requirements. Specially designed to hold more ink, they offer substantially more printouts as discussed earlier, unlike other cheap printer cartridges. Therefore, purchasing even one of these can easily outlast your requirements without having to go through their messy and financially exhausting changing process. This is also why almost all offices and large corporations invest in bigger printer cartridges, while regular-sized ones are mostly preferred by home users.

Environmentally sustainable

Finally, XL cartridges have also been reported to be greatly contributing to saving the environment from further plastic pollution. As the XL cartridges don’t require regular refilling or changes, they put less pressure on the use of non-renewable resources. This in turn aids in reducing consumption of natural resources during their recycling and packaging. Lesser base materials are manufactured, helping save both time and money for major printer ink brands to utilize the funds for other essential purposes.

What are the cons of using XL cartridges?

The only downside of using XL cartridges involves difference in their ink concentrations. This means whereas subscribing to some ink brands may help you achieve all your job requirements, others might not help you save much. Such problems often occur with cheap printer cartridges or nameless brands and hence thorough checking is a must before subscribing to any printer inks. A proper research will help you find the ink you are looking for without leading to your hard earned money.


So, up until now you must have understood that investing in XL cartridges is actually highly preferable and worth every penny. If you are looking for genuine high-quality cartridges, then don’t forget to check out Print Zone’s official website. Filled with many reputable brands, they offer their products at wholesale prices, making them a must-visit for every printer user.

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